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After School Club’s Update - Kevin

kevin drinking unhappiness in a cup - ft. his ~true~ thoughts

(ɔˆ ³ˆ )ノ 

jun drinking unhappiness in a cup - ft. his ~true~ thoughts

Makoto || F R E E ! es ep. 09



So handsome! Found this selfie on Jun’s facebook


Kiseop (´ ▽`).。o♡


140625 Bandi & Luni's Bookstore Fansign
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Kiseop oppa is so HANDSOME!

254/666 gifs of Soohyun.


[TRANS] U-KISS JAPAN TOUR 2014 Fan Accounts

Translated from Japanese KISSme fan accounts by karenwu0109 (but I also added a few extra bits). Please click on the titles for the source of the translations. 

140716 Tokyo 

140725 Tokyo 

Hoon: I will protect kissme!
KV: I will..kissme protect me! 
Eli: I will protect Kevin!
HN: I will protect okashira!
KS: I will protect Jun!
HN: UKISS are now into office romance
SH: I hate[have no interest in] men though www

140803 Chiba 

SH: What’s the Japanese you learned recently?
Jun: I will become the Pirate King!
SH: Your pronunciation is very good!
Jun: Hoon is…you know..
SH: But Hoon’s pronunciation is a bit..
HN: What!? My pronunciation is quite good!
SH: But Hoon still can’t say “ta chi tsu te to” [correctly]
HN:…”ta chi cheu te to”..
SH: bhahah so cute~ but KISSmes understand it too so it’s okay
HN: I think so too!

140805 Kobe 

- 140810 Osaka 

HN: Soohyun, show us your sexy expression.
Then Soohyun’s shy face appeared on the screen.
HN: No, not the face when you see sexy stuff, but do the sexy face!

140814 A-nation

At a-nation on 8/14, during the talk about Budokan, Hoon said, “Please don’t bring pets, cuz they’ll poop.” (which made the atmosphere a bit weird, but soon Soohyun changed the topic and lighten up the atmosphere.)
Later on, some fans of Jang Keunsuk recognized Hoon as “the one who said poop”. 

- 140816 Sendai 

SH: Jun, what’s your favorite Japanese food?
JN: Natto (fermented soybeans). Same as Soohyun♪
SH: That’s right. Originally I didn’t like natto, but because of Jun I’m starting to like it. I eat about 3 packs in a day, so it comes out lot *hands went down from his upper body to his butt*
KMs who understood the meaning burst out laughing. Jun was confused.
SH: Hoon would know the meaning *grins*
HN: Hm? Ahh..poop…ah no, UKISS don’t poop. Everyone believe me. UKISS never poop.
SH: Because we’re idols~
KMs burst out laughing.

- 140816 Sendai Hoon’s birthday surprise

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みなさんにであえてうれしかたてす。ありがとうございました。9/12 ぶどうかんであいましょう!